Hotel&home is based in Singapore and run by Ernest Ho and Farah See. It stems from a passion for collecting interesting objects during our travels that grew to become an online select store to share our love for design and living.

Hotel&home offers new and vintage unique, functional housewares for modern living discovered from around the world—providing an alternative resource of affordable products with a personal touch and an appreciation for craft, design and beauty.

We select pieces based on instincts for objects that are timeless and unexpected—especially inspired by traditional techniques, beautiful details, imperfect shapes, extreme proportions, organic textures, and unusual colours and finishing. We actively collaborate with international and local artists/makers to create unique products and bring well-designed items not readily available elsewhere to more people.

We enjoy being surrounded by these objects and using them in our daily lives, but we're only a hotel for them—we welcome you to bring them home to enrich your experiences and living spaces. Enjoy!