Large Wooden Round Plate

Large Wooden Round Plate


Individually crafted using sustainably sourced solid teakwood from Indonesia, every plate has been handmade from an individual piece of wood and is, quite simply, unique.

⌀ 30 × H 2.5cm

Teak is well-known as a tropical hardwood tree. It is particularly valued for their durability and water resistance, and is often used for both outdoor and indoor furniture and small wood projects. In addition to its tight grain that makes it very strong and durable, teak also has a relatively low shrinkage ratio which makes it an excellent choice for applications in environments with periodic changes in moisture. Teak is also highly resistant to rot, fungi, mildew and termite attacks.

Teak is a rich wood, it’s yellowish brown in color. As the wood ages, darkens and become more golden in color. It has visible growth rings and a beautiful wood grain which give it a distinctive appearance. Using only natural and non-chemical finishing, every piece is safe for food and everyday uses around the kitchen.

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